Benefits of Our Cartridge Filling Machinery

At Credence Filling Systems, we offer a selection of high-quality cartridge filling equipment. Our systems come with many benefits that set them apart and provide our customers with consistent and reliable performance. Benefits of Working with Credence for Cartridge Filling and Capping When you turn to Credence Filling Systems for top-quality cartridge filling machinery, you […]

Applications of Cannabis Cartridge Filling

Cartridge filling machines are fast, efficient, and consistent filling tools that can fill units of vaping liquids, cannabis, and other goods based on established fill weight. Having an automated system that can fill small, individual-sized units of cartridges is crucial to maintaining product quality and brand reputation. Credence Filling Systems specializes in cartridge and bottle […]

Capping and Filling Systems

While consumers may give little thought to how their products are packaged, manufacturers understand that capping and filling machines are critical components of their overall fulfillment system. These machines preserve product integrity, provide consistency between packaged products, maintain safety, and ensure quality. While manual filling and capping might be suitable for a small or low-volume […]

The New Credence Carousel Filling Machine

Credence Unveils Its New High Throughput CFS-1500C Carousel Filling System The CFS-1500C Carousel Filling System is an extension of our CFS1000 Filling Platform. With the addition of our new Carousel Feeder and our new software, the CFS-1500C takes an already productive workhorse into the manufacturing age. By eliminating the load and unload of the fill […]