CCS-1500C Capping System

The CCS-1500CP is a Press-Type Capping System coupled with our Carousel Feeding Mechanism to give you the highest throughput in a reasonably priced capping solution.

By eliminating the load and unload from the capping cycle, we have created a capping solution that is both easy to use and highly productive. The CCS-1500CP can process carts as fast as you can place the mouthpiece onto the cart and drop it into the carousel. This unique design is capable of a 1-second cycle if it were possible to place the cap and drop the cart into the carousel at that rate. At any rate, the CCS-1500CP will cap through your daily needs faster than any system on the market.

Product Highlights

  • Will cap any press-on cap
  • Interchangeable tooling for the desired cap.
  • Automatic Operation
  • Throughput Potential: Up to 2400 devices per hour.
  • Air Pressure Regulated: 100 psi 5 CFM required.
  • Manual Insert into Nest.
  • Automatic Eject
  • 110VAC 5A
  • Manually load cap and place into rotary Carousel.
  • Throughput potential up to 2400 per hour.
  • Shipping Weight: 40 lbs.


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