CFS-1500C Filling System

The CFS-1500C Carousel Filling System is an extension of our CFS1000 Filling Platform. With the addition of our new carousel feeder and our new software, the CFS-1500C takes an already productive workhorse into the manufacturing age. By eliminating the load and unload of the fill cycle, the carousel feeder creates an easy-to-use filling system that is non-tiring and very productive.

The Carousel is driven by a smart stepper motor and utilizes a reflective sensor to know that a cart has been loaded. By using dual sensors, the carousel feeder is smart enough to know if there is a cart present at the fill station. In the event that the operator misses a position in the carousel, the sensor at the fill position will know that a cart is missing and will automatically skip that position and go on to the next. The carousel feeder takes a potential 1000 per hour process and converts it to a true 1500 per hour process.

Positional braking is incorporated into the elevator mechanism on the carousel mechanism to minimize the over-travel and keep the entire process crisp and productive.

CCS-1500C Capping System

The CCS-1500CP is a Press-Type Capping System coupled with our Carousel Feeding Mechanism to give you the highest throughput in a reasonably priced capping solution.

By eliminating the load and unload from the capping cycle, we have created a capping solution that is both easy to use and highly productive. The CCS-1500CP can process carts as fast as you can place the mouthpiece onto the cart and drop it into the carousel. This unique design is capable of a 1-second cycle if it were possible to place the cap and drop the cart into the carousel at that rate. At any rate, the CCS-1500CP will cap through your daily needs faster than any system on the market.

CLV-5400 Vessel System

The CLV-5400H Large Vessel System is designed to work in conjunction with one of our Cartridge Filling Machines. The large base provides a stable base on which the filling machine resides placing the filling machine vessel directly below the large vessel. The CLV-5400H is constructed from heavy-duty 304 stainless steel. It has a stainless ball valve to deliver material to the filling machine vessel.

The CLV-5400H provides up to 5400 ml of vessel capacity for those customers that fill larger volume devices such as tincture bottles or vials. The CLV-5400 is available with heat and temperature control for those customers whose product is THC based and needs elevated temperatures for the material to flow properly. The CLV-5400H comes with heaters attached to the large vessel, a thermocouple temperature probe, a programmable temperature controller, a laser level sensor to let you know when the vessel is approaching empty, and a vessel stirring apparatus to keep all of the terpenes suspension.