Vape pens have emerged as one of the most popular delivery methods for nicotine, CBD, and THC, offering a portable, cost-effective method of accessing high-quality concentrates.

The market for cannabis extracts, in particular, continues to grow exponentially thanks to broader legalization efforts and increased public understanding of the recreational and medical benefits provided by cannabis.

One key to the vape pen’s convenience and popularity is its use of cartridges. These vape cartridges offer consumers premium vape juice in a ready-to-use format, eliminating the hassle of filling traditional tanks.

Cannabis retailers can capitalize on this lasting trend by investing in efficient cartridge filling machines, which make it easy to meet increasing demand from vape pen users.

Credence Filling Systems supplies a full range of premium vape cartridge filling machines, all of which offer quick set-up and easy operation.

We believe that cartridges should simplify life not only for consumers, but also for retailers, and our top-of-the-line equipment makes that goal a reality.

Vape Cartridges & The Cartridge Filling Industry

Although some use the terms vape, pen, and e-cigarette interchangeably, they are not the same thing. “Vape” or “e-cigarette” may refer to any type of portable vaporizer, while “vape pen” (or just “pen”) is specific to the smaller, more discreet vapes that typically use cartridges.

Since most pen users are concerned with convenience, they most commonly use pre-filled oil or juice cartridges to quickly refill pens. Cartridges are cost-effective and can be switched out quickly on the go, making them the best choice for new or casual users.

A vape cartridge is a small, self-contained canister containing a pre-measured portion of vape juice or oil. Most cartridges are threaded with a 510-thread, meaning they can screw into nearly any vape pen on the market. With a cartridge in place, vape pens use a battery and a small heating element to vaporize the oil or juice, creating a vapor that the user can inhale.

Vape Cartridges

Cartridge Filling

Nicotine and cannabis retailers quickly realized the potential of cartridges to change the vaping industry, resulting in a booming market for efficient cartridge-filling equipment. Today’s cartridge fillers can process upwards of 600 cartridges per hour, rapidly packaging concentrate into a ready-to-use format.

Cartridge filling machines use a piston and a precision dropper to fill cartridges with exactly the desired volume, often incorporating rotary loaders and semi-automatic operation to speed production. The result is a simple, consistent process guaranteed to save time and money over manual filling methods.

Cartridge Filling 1
Cartridge Filling 2

Types of Cartridge Filling Machines

The Credence line of cartridge filling equipment offers outputs ranging from 600-2000 cartridges per hour. Our machines handle most common cartridges, pods, syringes, and disposable pens, providing precise measurements for consistent fill weights.

Our range of cartridge filling machines includes the following high-performance fillers:

CSF-600T Cartridge Filling Machine
CSF-600T Cartridge Filling Machine

The 600T is an excellent choice for clients with small to moderate production volumes, precisely filling up to 2,000 cartridges per hour.

CFS-1000 Cartridge Filling Machine
CFS-1000 Cartridge Filling Machine

Faster than the 600T, the CFS-1000 fills up to 2,000 cartridges per hour for businesses with more intense production demands. Simply position the empty vessel in the loading slot and the CFS-1000 does the rest.

CFS-1000M Cartridge Filling Machine
CFS-1000M Cartridge Filling Machine

For retailers who prefer a manual filling option, the CFS-1000M still fills up to 2,000 cartridges per hour, although the operator will need to manually slide each cartridge to meet the filling needle.

A key advantage of the 1000M is that it accommodates any delivery volume, making it an ideal choice for clients with non-standard specifications.

CFS-1500C Carousel Filling System
CFS-1500C Carousel Filling System

For clients with the most demanding production volumes, we offer the CFS 1500C, which extends the 1000 line by adding a carousel feeder and advanced sensors to achieve the fastest possible loading speed.

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Considerations For Choosing the
Best Machine for Your Application

When choosing between similar cartridge fillers, it’s important to consider the following production variables:


Depending on your production volume, a manual system may offer savings over an automated one. However, most automated fillers pay for themselves many times over thanks to their efficiency.

Consider both your current production volume as well as your long-term volume projections when making this decision.

A high-capacity machine can grow with your company, whereas a lower-speed machine would need to be replaced when production demands outpace its top speed.


Ensure that any new equipment is fully compatible with your existing cartridges, caps, and machinery.


If your application is especially complex, you may need a machine that can be customized to fit your constraints.

The experts at Credence Filling Systems can help you weigh these factors as you choose between our premium equipment options.

Equipment Advantages & Types of Products

Cartridge fillers are essential for cannabis retailers who want to keep up with the vape pen market. They also offer a number of other advantages, including:

Reduced labor
Reduced labor

Both manual and automatic filling machines offer more efficient cartridge production and minimize the strain of repetitive motion on employees.

Cost Savings
Cost Savings

As a direct consequence of increased efficiency, cartridge fillers help retailers achieve greater profit margins. Our pump filling is accurate to within +/- 1% compared to industry averages of +/- 2%, resulting in significantly lower waste and lower material costs.


High-volume cartridge fillers make it easy to scale production as your business grows. The economies of scale also mean you can pay less for individual cartridges as your business grows, but that only works if you have the equipment to process greater order volumes.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Humans are prone to error, especially after filling hundreds of cartridges. Cartridge filling machines minimize the chance of over or under-filling so you can be more confident in cartridge quality avoid messy spillage.

Quality Cartridge Filling Systems From Credence

Credence Filling Systems has been proudly family-owned and operated for the past 25 years. Our motto is “fill it right the first time,” and our sophisticated filling equipment makes that possible. With a Credence cartridge filler, you can be confident in your production process, knowing that our machines protect against overfilling and inconsistent dosing.

To learn more about how our machines can save you money while improving product quality, contact us today.

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