Credence Filling Systems offers the very best in cartridge filling systems. We provide affordable tools to extractors and dispensaries looking to bring a brand in-house and establish relationships with cartridge distributors. Our machines are user-friendly, accurate, allow for repeatable filling, and achieve consistent fill weights. The compact, lightweight, and portable design works with numerous Cartridges, Pods, Syringes, and Disposable pens. Fill it right the first time.

Top of the Line Vape Cartridge Filling Systems

Eliminate overfill and benefit from quick setup, cleanup, use, and maintenance. The modules are designed to facilitate rapid change out with no tools. Replaceable cartridge nests accommodate numerous types of devices with the same filling system and injection module. By choosing the best and highest quality filling system, you achieve a more cost-effective and efficient process.

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Credence Filling Systems has developed a sophisticated product line, and even after 25 years of dedication, we continue to improve at every opportunity. Along with offering a greater degree of precision, we reduce overhead costs, and increase the profitability of the bottom line. Our filling machines eliminate the possibility of human error. You can ensure consistency and reliability and enjoy a superior production process. We invite you to contact us for further assistance.


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