Cartridge filling machines are fast, efficient, and consistent filling tools that can fill units of vaping liquids, cannabis, and other goods based on established fill weight. Having an automated system that can fill small, individual-sized units of cartridges is crucial to maintaining product quality and brand reputation.

Credence Filling Systems specializes in cartridge and bottle filling technology for a diverse array of industries. Some of our main offerings include:

  • Filling systems
  • Capping systems
  • Vessel systems

As the cannabis market continues to grow with diverse ways of consuming cannabis oils and other products, companies must invest in the tools that can standardize filling and packaging.

What Are Cannabis Cartridge Fillings?

Much like bottling systems, cartridge filling machines can fill cartridge containers with precise dosages of valuable liquids, such as THC oil, CBD oil, and nicotine or vape liquids. These cartridges are small packages that can be used for storage, transportation, and direct application in vaping devices or diffusers. In order to produce these convenient cartridges so they’re ready for consumer use, manufacturers need precise cartridge filling tools that can quickly process thousands of small containers with little to no variation in product weight.

THC and CBD Oil Cartridges

THC cannabis oils are cannabis-based products that have tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), one of the main psychoactive compounds found in unprocessed cannabis. THC oils are often used for vaping and other recreational consumption applications. The industry is often heavily regulated to ensure that the ratio of CBD to THC in any given volume of the oils is within strict tolerance levels. Not only must the industrial batch of THC cannabis oil meet those specifications, but the individual cartridges must also meet strict requirements.

CBD oil faces even more stringent oversight during production and packaging. CBD oil is a cannabis product with 0% THC in the compound. CBD oils are often used for relaxation, pain relief, and other nutraceutical or recreational applications. Most consumers interested in CBD products want goods that have no trace of THC due to personal preference, job requirements, or legal requirements. Cartridge filling stations must ensure that all cartridges marketed as THC-free are filled with THC-free dosages in precise volumes or weights.

Pre-Filled Cannabis Oil Cartridges

Pre-filled cannabis oil cartridges fulfill a particular need in consumer markets, especially if the cartridges are device-specific and integrate with vaping pens, diffusers, e-cigarettes, or other tools for personal use. Most pre-filled cartridges come in 1/2g or 1g varieties as personal doses of product.

Along with concerns regarding the contents of the cartridge, the cartridge itself is equally important. Companies can quickly distinguish their brand from the competition by using high-quality materials, such as ceramic, glass, or metal cartridges. These units should also have sealed joints and integrated O-rings that allow for easy loading and eliminate the risk of contact between air and the cartridge contents, ensuring that the oil remains fresh.

Nicotine Cartridges or Pods

Nicotine cartridge types include pods and vials for use with vaping pens and cigarette tools. Different cartridge filling tools can accommodate a wide variety of containers through peristaltic pumps and volumetric or weight-based filling processes. They can also be programmed to fill cartridges with fixed or variable dosages to meet the fill requirements for different sizes or types of cartridges.

Cannabis Cartridge Filling From Credence Filling Systems

Cannabis products are continuing to be developed into diverse types of consumable goods, and filling technology is keeping up with demand. At Credence Filling Systems, our rotary and automatic filling machines can accommodate any type of cannabis cartridge. Our in-house capabilities allow you to manage the entire filling process to protect your brand’s reputation and product quality. Contact us today to learn more about our systems and find the right filling solution for your business.

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