CFS-1500C Filling System

The CFS-1500C Carousel Filling System is an extension of our CFS1000 Filling Platform. With the addition of our new carousel feeder and our new software, the CFS-1500C takes an already productive workhorse into the manufacturing age. By eliminating the load and unload of the fill cycle, the carousel feeder creates an easy-to-use filling system that is non-tiring and very productive.

The Carousel is driven by a smart stepper motor and utilizes a reflective sensor to know that a cart has been loaded. By using dual sensors, the carousel feeder is smart enough to know if there is a cart present at the fill station. In the event that the operator misses a position in the carousel, the sensor at the fill position will know that a cart is missing and will automatically skip that position and go on to the next. The carousel feeder takes a potential 1000 per hour process and converts it to a true 1500 per hour process.

Positional braking is incorporated into the elevator mechanism on the carousel mechanism to minimize the over-travel and keep the entire process crisp and productive.

Product Highlights

  • Oils it can deliver: All Types, Distillate, CO2, CBD, CO2 Infused, etc.
  • Devices it can Fill: All “Top Fill” Types of Cartridges, Pens, Disposables, Pods, Syringes, etc.
  • Delivery Volume Range: Unlimited. Settable by Pump Head Angle Adjustment and number of pump revolutions.
  • Throughput Potential: Up to 1500 half-gram devices per hour
  • Vessel Volume 843 grams (Larger Vessel Available)
  • Filling Accuracy: +/- .005 grams.
  • Power Requirements: 110V AC 10A
  • Change-Over time between Lots: As little as 2 Minutes.
  • Change-Over time between Devices: As little as 15 Minutes.
  • Cleanout: Ethanol
  • Temperature Range of Vessel: Ambient to 100C (Adjustable in 1 degree Increments).
  • Pump Temperature Range: Ambient to 100C (Adjustable in 1 degree Increments).
  • Needle Heater Temperature 65-80C (Unadjustable
  • Shipping Weight 30 lbs.


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