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Credence Filling Systems is a family owned and operated company out of Tempe, Arizona with over 25 years of Engineering expertise. We are paving the way for accurate and efficient True Short Path Systems for the vaping community.

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Why Credence Filling Systems?

All type of Distillates: CO2, CBD, CO2 infused, etc. Also, no oil is too hard for us to put in a cartridge.
We can fill Open Top and Bottom (Septum) Cartridges, Pens, Disposables, Pods, Syringes, etc.
HMI Display with intuitive user friendly software and tactile buttons.
Change-Over time between Lots: As little as 2 Minutes.
Change-Over time between Devices: As little as 5 Minutes.
Start up is always simple.
Cleanout (ethanol) is easy and quick.
We provide Nationwide Customer Service.
Throughput is material and operator dependent but our customers are achieving up to 8,000 filled 1/2 gram cartridges in an 8-hour day.
Superior fill accuracy of +/- 0.005 grams, all day long, even with temperature and humidity swings. How much money will this save you a year?
True volumetric cartridge filling system. Unlike time/pressure systems, a volumetric system does not drift- no need to be re-calibrated when the fluid is changed.
We have many existing nest designs and we can quickly and economically create a new nest design for most devices.
Lower Labor Content
Lower Downtime
Lower Costs to Operate
Highest Accuracy
Highest Quality
Highest Throughput

Cartridge Filling Systems

We offer the very best in cartridge filling systems. Our machines are user-friendly, consistent, and convenient.

Cartridge Cappers

Elevate your business with a commercial cartridge capper system. Our systems save you time and expense.

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The Best of the Best

Top Quality Cartridge Filling Systems

Extractors and dispensaries are well aware of the importance of utilizing the best the industry has to offer. Cartridge filling systems and cartridge cappers from Credence Filling Systems meet the highest standards. Our equipment ensures consistency, quality, and reliability. We eliminate wasted time and human error. We provide cost-effective tools to increase production, reduce overhead expenses, and maximize the profitability of the bottom line. 

Credence Filling Systems has developed a sophisticated product line. Our machines are user-friendly, accurate, allow for repeatable filling, and achieve precision fill weights. The compact, lightweight, and portable design works with numerous Cartridges, Pods, Syringes, and Disposable pens.

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Innovative Cartridge Cappers & Filling Systems

As a family owned and operated company, we put our 21 years of experience to good use. We take every opportunity to improve and advance, and continue to pave the way for accurate and efficient True Short Path Systems for the vaping community.

Credence Filling Systems invites you to contact us for further information and assistance. While automation is clearly the smart option, we help you choose the right fit for your specific requirements. We look forward to working with you, fulfilling your needs and exceeding expectations for integrity of product and customer support.

At Credence Filling Systems, we like to say… Fill it right the first time.

Our commitment to you is only secondary to our commitment to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

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