about Credence Filling Systems At Credence Filling Systems, we offer a selection of high-quality cartridge filling equipment. Our systems come with many benefits that set them apart and provide our customers with consistent and reliable performance.

Benefits of Working with Credence for Cartridge Filling and Capping

When you turn to Credence Filling Systems for top-quality cartridge filling machinery, you gain access to a wide range of benefits, including:

Best Designs in the Industry

Our designs are proven, durable, and simple. They’re also backed by more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing engineering. To help produce consistently great results, our systems utilize a Ceramic Core Pump that produces the highest levels of accuracy, repeatability, and reliability.

When it comes to maintenance, our machines provide ease of cleaning to help maximize their longevity. They also feature quick changeover between a wide variety of products.

Best Throughput

Our cartridge filling and capping equipment are capable of putting out up to 3,000 cartridges and caps per hour.

Lowest Downtime

We have provided our customers with 100s of machines and with a mere four employees on our team. The volume of machines out there and the lack of need for a dedicated support team speak to the level of quality we provide. At most, we receive a few calls per week for minor issues that we can normally resolve within minutes.

Credence Filling Systems

Top-Tier Customer Service

When working with us, we offer some of the most reliable customer service. Our customers can always get in touch with us for any questions or concerns. If our staff is currently on the line when you call, we will call back as soon as we can without any need to leave a message. We can resolve machine and tool-related issues immediately and can provide overnight solutions if needed.

We also develop new tooling for customers’ new products entirely free of charge. Our staff will do whatever it takes to get our customers producing, even if we need to send loaner or replacement equipment.

Custom Equipment Design and Modifications

Most of our products include plenty of features that are specially designed to overcome a particular problem. If our customers seek a new product or custom feature, we can either supply them with a new product or feature or secure a lower price than our competitors. We can provide fully customized equipment upon request. We also provide custom tooling free of charge, even if you have pens that you’re unable to fill.

We provide filling equipment to both the U.S., Canada, and Europe. As innovators, we’re always looking to the future and developing new equipment or technology for our customers. Based on our customer’s specific needs, we can provide a diverse array of machines.

Advantages of Our Cartridge Equipment

At Credence Filling Systems, we offer a wide range of cartridge filling equipment, each of which comes with many benefits to optimize efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Cartridge Cappers

Our cartridge cappers eliminate the need for manual tasks through the use of an automated press that screws on caps. Every completed product is also consistent to maintain reliability and quality.

Filling Systems

The filling equipment we provide is accurate, user-friendly, and enables repeatable filling at consistent fill weights. They also allow for rapid change out without the need for tools. Other benefits of our filling systems include quick and easy setup, use, cleanup, and maintenance.

Capping Systems

The Credence Capping System is available as a singular-function machine used for either threading caps or pressing mouthpieces. It’s also available in dual-function options to achieve both.

Vessel Systems

Our vessel systems are intended to work with our filling systems, providing a reliable base for filling machine vessels. It features stainless steel construction to maximize durability and is available with temperature and heat control for products requiring elevated temperatures for proper flow.

Partner with Credence Filling Systems

When you partner with Credence Filling systems, you gain access to high-quality equipment that offers several benefits for various applications. To learn more about our filling systems, or to get started on your order, contact us today.

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