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Choosing the best type of filling system and filling method for your unique application can be challenging. It is highly dependent on the kind of products you are offering and the number of units you require per day.

For medium- and high-volume production needs with infrequent product changes, a fully automated machine may be the best investment. For applications that require lower volumes or a variety of product shapes and sizes, a manual system may be better suited to the task at hand.

Manual Filling

Manual cartridge filling is a cost-effective and space-efficient method for companies to produce a wide range of products. Manual filling equipment is portable and can be set up on a standard lab table with no special accommodations. The modular nature of manual filling equipment makes it easy and cost-effective to add capacity up to a point as your business grows and expands.

Installation and set up of manual filling machines is quick and straightforward. Once plugged in and calibrated, the equipment is ready to start filling your containers immediately. Manual filling equipment is an ideal solution for filling capsules, cartridges, disposable pens, and more, utilizing one filling system.

Manual filling equipment can be upgraded to accommodate additional filling nozzles, making it relatively simple to introduce new product types to the machine. It is common for a business to start with one manual filling machine and a few products. Over time, the same equipment can be used for an expanding lines of products with additional equipment as production needs rise.

Automated Filling

Automatic filling systems are an extremely efficient method of filling vape cartridges, bottles, and vials. The machine’s components, sensors, and feeders are all set to produce a specific product, offering the fastest and most efficient manufacturing process for high volumes of individual product types.

As a fully automated system, the pump, fill volumes, and environmental controls are all controlled by software and require little-to-no intervention from an operator once a production run has begun. With advanced sensors, feeders, and motors, and capping capabilities, advanced automated feeders can accommodate hundreds of fills per hour, and often more than 2,000 fills per hour for smaller vessels and containers.

Semi-automated cartridge filling machines offer the increase flexibility of manual processes, but with some of the enhanced production speed offered by automated equipment. Ideal for light or medium production volumes, these machines provide faster and more accurate fills than manual processes can achieve alone.

Top of the Line Products & Services from the Credence Team

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